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Sat Nov 8, 2014, 9:37 PM
Interstellar is finally in theaters and I watched it tonight. I don't often have high expectations in forthcoming movies, especially not based on nothing but trailers.
With this one, I couldn't have anything but high expectations.

I won't spoil the movie itself, although I feel convinced that it wouldn't lose any of its effect on viewers if you knew the plot before you watched the movie, because it's not utterly complicated. Maybe it would be very boring as a book.

I think the true mastery of Interstellar is not in the film itself, but what it will do to you and with you and for you. But make no mistake, Interstellar is over the top impressive in a every perceivable way.

It's not sci-fi for sci-fi's sake, it's not space travel for space travel's sake, it's not drama for drama's sake, though maybe it is adventure for adventure's sake because adventure is one of those utterly human things.

It's a movie made to make humans think and it very blatantly aims to pull minds far out into the unknown and possibly unthought. It's a film about humans and humankind, our greatest strengths and weaknesses and how they are often the exact same.

It's not a 3 hour piece of entertainment. It's really almost 3 hours of build up and preparation for a real brain fuck that will last for a while.

Sit through it and enjoy the inevitable mind bend.

  • Mood: Speechless
  • Listening to: MachineCode

A cavehuman saw fire and stars

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 9:52 AM
Was she or he just filled with immense feeling of sheer wonder or did they not have such senses and comprehension yet?

Was fire just hot stuff that makes other stuff hot? Were the lights in the sky nothing but that?

Today I keep wondering if it might have felt constantly completely epic to be a human in the stone age at the sight of such wonders of nature.

Humans of today know what stars and fire are and yet we can stare to no end into the night sky or a bonfire and be completely enchanted by them.

The sad part of this is that this thought came to be because doing income tax paperwork today made me wish I were born in the stone age.

  • Listening to: Needle Sharing - Fukushima Disco
  • Playing: Wasteland 2

I originally wrote and posted this elsewhere, but I just need to post it here too and expand on it a bit. This is the only place where I'd publicly go this deep.

Robin Williams made light for the whole world out of his own personal darkness. He is irreplaceable. People like him are a true gift to life and often paying dearly for it, sometimes the ultimate price. That fact about him was not a secret.
It's deeply profound and sad when someone who caused so much joy for so many people for so long is suddenly just gone, let alone the ultimate circumstances thereof.

It is often wondered 'How can someone this funny be so sad?', or the other way around. You know how people like to refer to sad clowns without thinking any further than just this attempt at making an ironic statement.
Often enough the sad truth is that someone is as great at making people laugh as he or she is because he or she are deeply sad or depressed or otherwise very troubled on the inside. Maybe bringing joy to others is their own personal coping mechanism. Maybe the lack of joy is the ultimate realization of what joy means and how important it is.
When it's someone's mission in life to give joy, it's worthy pondering why that might be.

That guy made me laugh really fucking hard here and there for almost all of my life with some of the stupidest shit ever and now he's gone.

He couldn't make light anymore and he went out, but he leaves behind millions and millions of people whose life's he made brighter.
That light will never go out.

  • Mood: Sadness


Good food for thought for everybody.
In a team meeting reviewing "mature content" on DeviantArt. The team is continually aiming to address the (mismatched) perception that DA has a lot of this content. Again, this perception is incorrect, so we're trying to figure out why the perception exists.

For the record, this type of content represents less than 4% of DA.

What's interesting is that random samplings of what members flag (or DA automatically flags) as "Mature Content" are objectively not really mature either. So the number is definitely less than 4%, I'd say closer to 2% of all submissions. 

So what we know is that some images are disproportionally popular if they contain actual mature content, and so our popularity algorithms pick this up and represent it.

We're working on the perception issue, but please know that a very small % of art submissions to DA are "mature" and that over 96% of DA is "clean" 
May your Mondays be of utmost resplendence!
Butter your brezel, flip your pancakes and cook your broccoli!

Running Rainbow by Victorior Mr. Rainbow Portrait by oO-Rein-Oo Taste the Rainbow by ABitMadInTheHead Creating the Colors by Dererne
I rarely express myself artistically, but I constantly need art to impress itself into my mind.
"Isolation is the sum total of wretchedness to a man."

--Thomas Carlyle

Isolation by Homy
"A good artist should be isolated. If he isn't isolated, something is wrong."

--Orson Welles


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